Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Larry Warren Controversy- Part 26

There have been no major updates since the last instalment in this series, at least none I can discuss publicly at this juncture. However I'm pleased to say that Gary Heseltine has done another excellent interview about the Rendlesham Forest Incident and its controversy, see: https://www.spreaker.com/user/unitedpublicradio/top-secret-news-radio-show-oct-26-2017-u. The LWHC have not gone away though, of course. In fact at the moment they are on the ascendant of their outrage sine wave, however their centre of gravity has shifted away from Sacha Christie for the first time. David Young is now the loudest and most aggressive cult member while their former leader has gone quiet. He posted a comment on one of my HPANWO TV videos in which I discuss my discharge from the NHS, Ben is Not an ODO, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_0DaKQ_deA. The comment read: "Sacked porter now! LOL". Needless to say I deleted it and blocked him. There are many other examples of abuse towards Larry, myself, Gary and any others who defy the doctrine of the LWHC. So perish unbelievers. I am focused at the moment on delivering the evidence in this series to reasonable people whenever the subject comes up. I've found there are people currently repeating a lot of the rhetoric of the LWHC without any apparent understanding of the facts involved. They have not been initiated into the inner temple of the LWHC, but they are acting as fellow travellers, appeasers, fence-sitters and general hangers-on. I have found that these people are willing to enter into an exchange of insults and personal disparagement, hence their extreme reaction to my Left at East Gate pic, see Part 25, but the moment I post them my evidence package they go quiet; in fact this happened only yesterday. The rational case against the LWHC truly is the ultimate conversation-stopper.

A newspaper called the East Anglian Daily Times has published an article that is clearly based on the senseless lies of the LWHC; it is not online but I include a photo of it above. I contacted the author, Tom Potter, but he told me he has been moved to a new department of the newspaper and instead directed me to talk to the east Suffolk news editor Richard Cornwell. Here is what I said:
Dear Mr Cornwell
I was given your name by Tom Potter as the person to talk to about this. Following the recent article in your newspaper by Mr Potter about the book written by the UFO witness Larry Warren I think I should inform you that the accusations against Mr Warren are false. It is sad that his own co-author has failed to understand this. I can prove it because I have examined the supposed evidence against him and discovered that all of it is fabricated. Mr Warren has simply been the target of a smear campaign. The source of this campaign is a former friend and housemate of his with whom he had a very bitter personal dispute. Here is a link to a series of articles about my research; there is a lot of material here, but it is a detailed case and if you wish to contact me to clarify any matters I'd be glad to help: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2016/12/is-larry-warren-fraud.html Here is an article written by Gary Heseltine, a UFOlogist and former policeman, who has investigated the individuals behind this attack: https://www.facebook.com/heseltinegary/posts/1762150370480544
I'll be happy to help clarify this situation at any time. Feel free to contact me.
Best wishes
Ben Emlyn-Jones
After writing to him twice and waiting a week for a reply I phoned the newspaper's office and spoke to him. He told me he doesn't wish to pursue the matter any further and is not going to publish any follow-up stories. He says he is concerned about the "legal situation". I reassured him that the evidence I and others have gathered is correct and would pass the test of a court of law. I said I write for UFO Truth magazine which specializes in this subject. I've sent him my package again and asked him to read it and get in touch if he changes his mind. It looks like the case against Larry is all they're interested in promoting... or maybe it's all they've been told to promote. The article includes a comment by Nick Pope, a standard media cliché, but I can't help questioning if Pope provided additional advice. Mr Cornwell assured me that Tom Potter wrote the article himself, but I do wonder.

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